map-marker 2625 E. 4th Street
Long Beach, CA 90814

Admissions, available 24/7

Administrator: Jonathan Chapman

Phone: (562) 434-0974 x113

Email address:

Director of Nursing: Zennia Figueroa

Phone: (562) 434-0974 x127

Email address:

Admissions Coordinator: Dee Sida

Phone: (562) 434-0974 x129

Email address:

Director of Rehab: Winnie Tesfai

Phone: (562) 434-0974 x112

Email address:

Director of Staff Development: April Olson

Phone: (562) 434-0974 x115

Email address:

Medical Records: Beth Rabin

Phone: (562) 434-0974 x124

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Dietary Supervisor: Yesenia Garza

Phone: (562) 434-0974 x120

Email address:

Director of Community Relations: Ace Mendoza

Phone: (562) 706-1196

Email address:

Activities Director: Ignacio Torres

Phone: (562) 434-0974 x 130

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