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Thank you to all our wonderful Nurses at Edgewater Skilled Nursing Center. We don’t know what we would do without your compassion, care and hospitality that you provide to all our residents on a daily basis. The world is great because of people like you! For National Nurses Appreciation, we had quite a festive week. On Day One, we encouraged everyone to come to work dressed like the superhero they are.  

On Day Two, our A-Team brought their A-Game in their favorite jerseys!  

Wednesday wasn’t like any other hump day, as we brought style back to Edgewater with 70s fashion.  Thursday’s theme was Wild West, where we sported cowboy hats, bandanas and boots.

When it was finally Friday, we wanted a relaxing day to conclude such a festive week. The theme was Hawaiian, and we also held a raffle for our wonderful nurses! 

This week was so much fun for all of us and we hoped that you enjoyed the food and our family!