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Please accept my personal thanks to you, Mary, and your team – and a team they definitely are – for all the excellent care you have provided for my clients. One criterion I use in evaluating a nursing or other care facility is whether the staff – all of them – regularly greet visitors, share a smile, and take an interest. The “new” Edgewater definitely meets that standard. The staff seems to enjoy the work; they look up, not down, when approached. Your activities director takes a personal interest in new residents and the therapy staff is upbeat.

Thank you for all that you do for my clients and for me, helping make my job easier and less costly to my clients.

Anne H. L., M.S. Care Manager


Thank you a thousand times over to the staff at Edgewater for their sensitive and warm treatment of my mother, me, and my family and friends!!!

Marc H.


I would like to thank the staff at Edgewater for the excellent care they provide to my mother, Edwina. Everyone seems to really care about mom and in turn mom lets me know that she feels special. When I visit or call, the staff at Edgewater treats me like family. Thanks again for caring for my mom.

Walter T.


My experience at Edgewater Skilled Nursing Center has been an experience I will not forget. Being the youngest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My first day there I was made to feel at home by all of the department heads. the administrator is “super way cool!”. The nurses are nice, helpful, fun, know their stuff, and are there for you. The activity director and his side-kick keep you in the “NOW” with the current news, trivia, activities, movies, and loads of other things to do. Are you hungry? No matter what your nutritional concerns and needs are at Edgewater, they will be met. You will love the food. So good! It tastes like my mom’s. What can I say, I am here for rehabilitation! The head of the rehabilitation department is one of the nicest and informative persons I have ever met. Her staff, the occupational, physical, and speech therapists are a gift from heaven. I am so thankful for their knowledge and skills. To the social worker, admissions, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, the volunteers, and my fellow residents, there is so much more I could say about this FIVE-STAR SKILLED NURSING FACILITY, which is also RATED #1 IN LONG BEACH, CA by U.S.NEWS.COM. so from the bottom of my heart, I will just say “THANK YOU EDGEWATER”. 

Sandra E. Cameron


Your therapy department is “Number One!” They did an outstanding job with my wife. Your nursing staff is very caring and supportive and the administrative staff is very knowledgeable and friendly; they take care of whatever may arise and keep us informed.

David H.


When you are anxious and worried about making the best possible decision for your family member you are sure you made the right decision by the communication, attention, follow-up, expertise, and personal touch made on your behalf.

I am so appreciative of the individual efforts to make my grandmother’s and my care the best!

Robert B.


Edgewater is a legitimate Five-Star facility! When I think of Edgewater I think of good care, helpful people, and people who truly care about me. The nurses are very responsive. When I ring my bell, they answer. The 24-hour service is very reliable and I am pleased with my choice to come to Edgewater. The director of rehab at Edgewater is the best – she and her team are helping me to walk again. I try to pay forward the motivation that I receive from my caretakers to my fellow residents. We are like a family here at Edgewater. Just like everyone, I wanted to go home after the hospital, but when I got to Edgewater, I felt it was a comfortable and short-term home away from home.

Michael J.


Edgewater took a tough situation and made it as pleasant as possible. As difficult as it was, they took care of my mother with so much love and care. As a daughter, it made it a very peaceful experience for me. I rate this facility a million stars or as many as the universe has.

Mary Rose


Given the growing critical mass of elderly care needed in our community, Edgewater Skilled Nursing Center (ESNC), Long Beach, CA, does a stellar job.

My 89 yr. old mother has become increasingly immobile.  A recent bout of inability to swallow, and other issues, caused her a handful of trips to the hospital and other local rehabilitation centers.  Because of mother’s unpredictable mental state, care for her became challenging.  Newly implemented bolus feedings became tricky when bouts of agitation put the feeding tube and staff in jeopardy.  Restlessness, made keeping mom from trying to walk away from bed, when she was really unable to walk unattended, difficult to monitor.  Resulting falls led to additional hospital trips and setbacks in recovery.  To say the least, the situation was very difficult and frustrating.

Where other facilities refused to take mom back after a fall, ESCN accepted her with a positive, cheerful, patient, persistent willingness to see mom back to health.  Despite mom’s bouts of uncooperative behavior, the staff continued to be helpful and flexible, looking for means of success.  At any hour of the day or night, staff was there when needed, carefully, and sensitively caring for mom.  They went out of their way very often to help, even with small things like finding a vase for cut flowers, when the need was not even mentioned or requested, this included nurses, daily care assistants, physical & speech therapists, nutritionists, etc.  Specialists, such as psychiatrists, were more infrequent to come by.

The attention of immediate family is invaluable in fine-tuning specific, individual care, but ESNC staff will listen and do their best to accommodate.

Admittedly, ESNC is very busy and seems near capacity.  How ESNC continues to provide daily, consistent, positive care in such a potentially depressing environment, is beyond my comprehension.  Regardless of how they do this, I am immensely grateful.  Now mom is back in her home of nearly 60 years, under the care of her children, in a quiet, stable, familiar environment for the encore of her life.  Thank you, Edgewater Skilled Nursing Center!

Eric R.


Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! These words are not enough but they come directly from my heart. Your kindness and care have helped all of us through these hard times. We don’t know what we would have done without all of you. Every single person, from the Administrator to the therapists, nurses, and the rest of the staff were wonderful! I am sure God will keep you in his favor for your dedication.

Olga S.


My loved one has been at Edgewater for nearly nine years. Overall the staff has demonstrated being very interested in providing the kind of care that I want my loved one to have. In addition, the management at Edgewater has shown me a commitment to having that kind of care be a hallmark of Edgewater. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Edgewater to anyone who is looking for such a facility.

Chuck L.


I rate Edgewater the highest ever! I got great attention at Edgewater. Everyone was kind. It was one of the few places where I got to meet the staff and the rehab team. I felt very close to the Edgewater team and I consider them my friends. They always made time for me. They knew how much to push to help me recover. I felt encouraged enough to keep moving forward. And the food wasn’t bad for a hospital/healthcare setting. I plan to keep in touch with the team that helped me heal during my stay – especially the administration team.

Stephen S.


The staff at Edgewater went above and beyond the call of duty to help my mother! As a former hospital and skilled nursing center administrator myself, I am extremely impressed. Anytime I brought something to the staff’s attention it was addressed immediately, professionally, and to the benefit of the patient.

Grady M.


Edgewater offers the best physical therapy I have ever had in my life – and I have worked with at least 30 physical therapists between all of my surgeries! I plan to come back to Edgewater after my next surgery.

Wayne F.


Edgewater is a great care taker! My family is very happy to entrust Ruthie S. to Edgewater. This is a very caring and concerned place. Mother thinks of Edgewater as her home.

Lawrence, Family Member


My experience with Edgewater was five star! It was like a five-star hotel. The staff were excellent. They came through for my “adopted mother.” Physical therapy came through with flying colors. When Adrian, one of the physical therapists, first came in to pick her up he made the mistake of asking her if she wanted therapy. Naturally the answer was no. I pulled him aside and said “don’t give her an option.” Now you should see where she is today. She is complete in her recovery and she is able to walk on her own again and enjoy the simple luxuries of life – even just getting out of bed on her own. Forbid anything should happen, she will return for therapy. The nurses were wonderful about taking care of her and bringing her clean linens. The food is good, it’s not The Hilton, but not expected to be. Dr. Woodsen is going to do my knee surgery soon. so I talked to the Director of Rehab here at Edgewater and I already have plans to come here and work with the Edgewater team through my rehabilitation journey. I look forward to coming back!

George H.


Thank you for all you did for Margaret H. We wondered if she’d ever come home to us.  Now she’s home, walking, and back to her old self. It’s like a miracle.

Gertrude C., Family Member


The staff did a great job! We didn’t think our loved one would pull out of it. Now he is walking! He didn’t come to Edgewater singing, but today he is leaving here singing.

Maria S.


Being restricted to 5 stars is the worst injustice that could be done to Edgewater. They are clearly a 6-star facility! At Edgewater, I am treated with the deepest care and consideration and my needs were met in a timely fashion. The staff and services were exceptional in all fields and in such a pleasant surrounding.

William M.


Edgewater Skilled Nursing Center is a 5-star experience! I am grateful for the positive energy, leadership, and friendly faces that greet me each day and encourage me to make my wellness a priority. The outdoor herb garden in the back patio is a peaceful place that I enjoy being and especially seeing people gather around to socialize.

Jay F.